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1866 painting signature
1866 painting signatur  
 Initial e-mail seemed to only except one attachment- of course I could be doing something wrong.  Here's a follow-up attachment with the enlarged and difficult to read signature. If these attachments don't make it, I'd greatly appreciate your e-mail if permissible, since I'm pretty certain I can successfully do it that way, and I have many different close-ups and angles, etc.  THANKS-  Stacia

Dear Madam,

I had a closer lookon the work, but can't even read the signature. I can only tell you at this point that it is 100% genuine, probably German or Italian school. Decent quality, but not in perfect condition unfortunately.

If you could send me some detailed photos of the painting, front and back, and numerous photos of signature to my email address:, hopefully I can come up with some more answers. How big is the work by the way?


Christophe BOON

Christophe Boon

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I am an expert in BELGIAN Fine Arts, specialised in oil paintings and watercolours of BELGIAN painters from 1850 until 1930. I am also one of leading experts on the well-known Belgian artist Fernand TOUSSAINT(1873-1956).I expertise, buy and sell. Please always email detailed photos if you require a good advice on your private works of art.


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