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Portrait of a Woman 1866 Painting- 2nd e-mail to follow w/ signature
Portrait of a Woman 18  
This 1866 painting has been in our family for many generations.  I'm finally trying to identify the Artist's/Painter's signature, so I can determine the value of the painting.

    You see, my daughter has a brain tumor, and I may want to sell the painting to have money for a new special alternative medical treatment for my daughter that is currently being offered in Europe.

    I doubt this alternative treatment will be covered under our regular medical insurance plan, and since I'm disabled and on chemotherapy myself, selling this painting may be the quickest and most prudent move at this time.

    Pictures of the painting and close-ups of the difficult to read signature are attached per instructions of the local Art Museum.  As far as we can tell, the signature consists of "P." initial, a second name that starts with a "M", "1866" clearly, and another 3rd name/word underneath which is barely legible and appears to start with a "R","H",or "K" (our best guess).

    Any help that can be provided will be greatly appreciated, especially since there is nothing more valuable to me than my daughter's health.

    Thanks in advance for any help in this matter.


HI Stacia

I would need a few more pictures to determaine who did it - I already wrote you my email so send as many as possible. Also of the back - I also need pictures of any labels or stickers on the back. And a few of the signature (more close-ups than the ones i already got)

Thanks in advance. I hope we will be able to raise some funds with this piece.

Best Regards, Soren

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