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I just found a large (about 18' by 30" image size) horse racing print by E.G. Hester it is titled "Punchetown" and underneath that is "Conynchan Cup 1872" It says published in Dublin Jun 14, 1874,  and at the top of the image is the notation that it is "Republished by  Louis Wolff & Co. Ltd."  but no date there.

It is in quite good condition and it also names the riders underneath the image Oh and it further says "The Stone Wall" about the 3rd or 4th line down.  it is also dedicated to Lord somebody or other.   Near as I can tell it is made up of little tiny circles randomly squished next to each other.  They are not the ususal tidy little dots in a row you see in photo reproductions.  These are crisp little bitty circles ( I mean LITTLE!) and they are most assuredly random.  The image is colored of a bunch of horsemen jumping their horses over a stone wall, with great billowing clouds behind them.  The overall colored effect is a lot of dark colors, but mostly black and dark blue.

Can you tell me what I have found?  I have really never seen these circles before.  Are they the "stipple" kind of print I have read about?  Thank you so much for your time.  I have been searching all over the internet and have had little luck figuring this out

Hello Sarah,

Edward Gilbert Hester (1843-1903) was a British artist that worked as an engraver.  The print you have Punchestown, the Coyncham Cup/The Start/The Stone Wall was published in 1874.  Check out this website for a complete description.  The printing process used is Aquatint and complete details about it are available on this website .  Similar works have sold at auction for upwards of US$2,500.00. If your print is a period piece the above information will apply.  If it does not your print is some type of later reproduction and it will have little if any value.

Cheers, Brent

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