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My Mother gave my wife a Luongo original shortly before she died.  Unfortunately, I'm going to probably have to sell it.  I've done some homework, but I don't know the title.  The Luongo connections were ZERO help.  I was in contact with his agent (email) and he stated that he would run the photo by Mr. Luongo.  He told me if he had any information thereafter, he'd contact me.  He did not.  I emailed him one other time, but he did not respond.

I just want to know the title and history.  My Mother once told me it was a painting of a girlfriend.  And I thought she said it was titled "Orange."  I know I won't get top dollar and I'm willing to sell it for a good price.  The problem is, I don't know what a good price is.

Anyway, I was hoping you might be able to lead me in the right direction.  Wow, if I could come up with a list of Luongo art owners, my troubles would be over.  I am having to sell the piece because of family health problems.

FYI, it's roughly 34 X 50.

Thank you,

Hello Joe,  The best advice I can give you it to call one of Mr. Luongo's current dealers for I do not know his market as well as they will.  There are a number listed on his website and I am sure a Google search will result in many more.  The secret is - call people and do not rely on email.  Good luck!  Cheers, Brent

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