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The Challenge
The Challenge  
I have 2 pictures by R. Cleminson and they are named "on the alert" and "The Challenge" one is signed. I don't know if they are prints or paintings as they are double framed and I don't want to rip into the backs of them. Trying to find out when they were made/painted. They measure 27 Ht x 11.5 wth. in the smaller frame. Would like any info about them if possible.  Thanks, Michelle

Hello Michelle,  You have not provided me with enough information to provide you with a concise answer.  The work you sent me an image of appears to be some type of reproduction of a painting by British artist Robert Cleminson  (act. c. 1864-1903).  I say reproduction because he was known for only working in oils and your work appears to be behind glass which leads me to believe it is a reproduction of some kind.  I cannot determine its condition from your image so I suggest its value is between $250.00 and $500.00.  The other work you have is probably about the same value.  I suggest you take them to an art appraiser in your area so they can determine exactly what you have.  Cheers, Brent

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