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I bought a very old, completely filthy, oil on canvas at a car boot sale of all places, in the Netherlands.  The painting is of a windmill beside a canal and next to an old looking house, it's very grey.  There is no signature on the painting.  I loved it so much I had it professionally cleaned, restored and re-framed.  I would like to know anything about it's value or who the artist could be.

Hi Karen

It is indeed a nice painting you have bought. However it is not as old as it might seem. The way it is painted and the colours suggests that it is a reproduction of an old master from the Netherlands. I think the artist got a lot of inspiration from the old masters maybe it is not an exact copy. One of the old masters who gave inspiration to this motive could be Salomon van Ruysdael who painted several motives like this one but in a different style, colours and tecnique.
The value is not a lot - my guess would be around $100.

Best Regards, Soren

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