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QUESTION: I have a painting believed to be of Sibyl Albunea (Tibertina) painted in mid 1500 and not signed. Have had the painting for over 50 years and would like to see if there is a solid way to identify the artist. I believe from what I have learned that he may have been a student of Titian. Is there or are there available catalogs of such works? I have good digital photos available


I have a very good knowledge about Titian so if you send me a few pictures of the front, back, any labels and some of the brushwork I would be glad to tell my opinion. I can at least tell you if it is made by someone related to Titian. You can send to

Best Regards, Soren

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QUESTION: Thanks for the response, I will try to attach images jpeg here. Ken
looks like 1 image at a time on the web site so will send you several

Hi Ken

Sorry for the late answer. Had to ask a few friends in the search for a proper answer. Here is what I was able to come up with.

Let me start by saying that there is no solid way to identify the artist. Even the artists behind some of the  most famous paintings from the renaissance and baroque is heavily discussed even today. I dont see any Titian in your picture and therefore I cant attribute the painting to Titian or school of Titian. However the motive looks like some of Titians later works and therefore I am more keen on saying that the artist could be a "follower of Titian".

I am affraid I cant get any closer to who the artist could be.

Best Regards, Soren

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