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I found a print. The print looked like it was slipping downward off the mat, so I decided to take the backing paper off the frame. When I removed the board in the back I
noticed that this looked like a real etching, not just a modern day print made to look old. The paper is heavier, it has the bend where the plate made the imprint.  It is
also looks as though it has some pen & ink to define certain areas, with a watercolor wash. If you hold it horizontal just at eye level - you can see the ink. There is a
depth to it that is amazing.

The title on it (written in pencil):  "Sulgrave Manor. The Old English Home of the Washingtons".  It is signed (in pencil) J. Finnemore (the 'r' is a written a bit differently).

What information I found online, was minimal.  I tried finding a signature to compare. I hope you can help.

Can you tell me anything about the artist, the print, the value, can you find a signature to compare (someway to identify that this is genuine)? Or where I could find
more information?

And how to care for something like this, if it is old or even if it isn't?  Can I take something like this to a local craft store to be framed?  What would you do?

I am not attaching any photos yet - until you tell me exactly what you need me to send.

Thank you so much for your time. Your assistance is appreciated.


Hello Lisa,

Your artist is Joseph Finnemore (1860-1939). His biography, according to Wikipedia: "He was born in Birmingham and studied at the Birmingham School of Art and at the Antwerp Academy under Verlat. He returned to England in 1881 and began showing his work a few years after that. He travelled widely and worked as an illustrator, painter, and etcher. Among other things, he illustrated Robinson Crusoe and Swiss Family Robinson."

The etching you have of Sulgrave Manor was probably originally created for the book Sulgrave Manor/From the Original Water-Colour Drawings by J. Finnemore. It is believed to have been originally published in the 1920ís. Your etching on heavier paper was probably created in limited quantity aside fromt the book. It is likely the artist signature is original. I found where he often signed as just J.F. or JF. I also found watercolors of his online where his name is spelled out in full. You can do your own research by using keywords on Google of:
Joseph Finnemore (1860-1939).

Your print needs to be reframed using acid free materials. Make sure the framed uses an archival method such as an acid free hinge mount for the print rather than glue. Personally, I would never take my fine art to be framed at a craft store where the framers may or may not be properly trained in conservation framing.

I hope this information is helpful.

Kind regards,

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