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We are new to the art purchasing world and just purchased a hand signed and authenticated litho called Exodus-plate XVI. It has been authenticated by Herman Darvick. We purchased it for $1975.00 at an art auction. Could you tell me it's potential value?


Hi Nikki,

I will recommend that you contact Alex Adelman, president of Masterworks Fine Art, Inc. at . Send him a detailed explanation of where you got the piece, how much you paid, documentation, etc. as well as photos of 1) the piece, 2) the signature, and the 3) piece number. Adelman deals with Chagall lithographs on a daily basis, and will tell you everything he knows about the piece and its value.

If you are new to the art purchasing world, be prepared to become addicted to buying art, both for beauty and investment.

Chagall Catalog Raisonne states the following:
"The rarity of Chagall's original lithographs and the high prices which they attain have inevitably attracted forgers. Chagall, then his executors, seized a certain number of forgeries, the list of which is given below." It then mentions "Chagall, by Jacques Lassaigne" which is a book that forgers used to reproduce images from, such as Exodus.

I do believe Exodus comes from an edition of 15, and even though yours claims to be the 15th of 15, the scarcity of these pieces brings the value of it into the tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars. Anything lower than $50,000 would likely be a forgery. And Darvick, to my knowledge, is an autograph collector, not a fine art expert.

The key to art collecting is to speak with an expert on the artist you are interested in, and find Catalog Raisonnes that detail the piece. You can often quickly realize something is a forgery if, for example, the margins are of a different size than stated in the Catalog.

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