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Dear Dolly, I have a numbered lithograph by Fk.D. Millett of a woman sitting at a twindow seat. She appears to sewing or making lace. a very pretty picture and I love it. It is in an old black frame with a grey matte. I would like to clean this print or have it cleaned. I know nothing about the artist except that he was on the Titanic!
There was a piece of paper on the back of the print, it read" #66 Copley Prints Copyright 1843 (or 93)Curtis B Cameron. Does this print have any value? Even if it does not I like it very much.
Thank you

Dear Anne,

Your artist is American painter Francis Davis Millet (1846-1912). I did some research and found only one print of his that came up at auction. It was sold for $125 in 2000. He is a much respected American artist whose work is in many museums and major collections internationally. I can only tell you that a good antique print of his has value. It would be up to the collectors as to how much they would pay for it.

I found a great website that has his biography. I also found an antique Millet photogravure of a woman in a window seat reading on ebay. I have the links below.

You can Google his full name and find much more information and possibly a print that is like yours.

I hope this information is helpful.

Kind regards,


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