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I recently bought a print by Manes Lichtenberg. The title is Dove Cote. It is signed in the lower right corner. In the lower left corner it says H/C. What does H/C mean?

There is a label on the back that says   133. Dove Cote Lichtenberg   Print  $475.00. There is no date.

I bought it at the Goodwill store for $30.00.

Do you have any idea of what it is worth?


Hi Lucy,

I am not familiar with this piece, but I can tell you that H/C stands for "Artist Proof" (translated). It means that this is one of an edition of some amount (maybe 1 of 50, maybe 1 of 5000). Artists often make a few extras that do not get numbered for various reasons. Often times you might hear someone referring to a print by saying "This is out of an edition of 35 with about 6 Artist Proofs".

I found a couple sales of Lichtenberg's works in the year 2000 go for $300 and $500 USD. Another was being auctioned for $900-1200 but did not sell. Looks like very little activity with these works. If you want to get an more accurate appraisal, I recommend calling Christie's or Bonham's auction houses.

Good luck!


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