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Antique oil painting
Antique oil painting  
QUESTION: Hi I was wondering if you could tell me anything about this painting that I purchased from an estate in Portland Oregon. I think it's oil/acrylic but cant be sure. It measures 5'8 X 3'7 and is an antique ornate frame. I have a photo of the signature that I cant make out. Last name: Cox? Carl? Cart?

Thanks and I hope you have a great Day
~ Anna

You have a big, vibrant picture with dramatic composition.  It screams "Western US".  I am a bit suspect that the painting is antique.  What does the canvas look like on the back?  Unblemished, consistent natural canvas color?  Or dark, blemished material?  An antique oil painting of this size would almost undoubtedly have some flaking oil paint or cracks throughout. Antiques (50+ years old) usually show signs of age.

Looks like "Ricki Cox" to me from your photo, but I agree that it is hard to distinguish.  I know of no such artist, nor can I find a Rick Carr, Rich Cart, Ricki Carr, any of a number of permuations.  

You could check with , an auction house specializing in Western US art.  Alas, large pictures of this sort are often sold as "decorator" or "couch art" and manufactured overseas.  Not to say it cannot be enjoyed or appreciated, or that it would not add value to any room!

You may have a treasure, you may not.  Either way, relax, enjoy it!  Thanks for asking...remember, no question about art is inappropriate.

Stu Cartwright

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Cracking/Peeling paint
Cracking/Peeling paint  
QUESTION: Thanks for your quick reply. Yes the painting is flaking/peeling in a few places. The back paper is ripping of and has exposed the back of the canvas which is somewhat streaked with discoloration. The frame's hardware is questionable? It looks like it may have had some recent glue or newer nails? I have attached photos.  
Thanks for your help and I hope you have a great day!
~ Anna

Oddly, that is good news in my estimation.  Your painting is indeed antique.  

I typed a lengthy explanation about restoration and your choices yesterday, but I must have hit the wrong send button, because it looks as if I did not answer you on your followup.  In a nutshell, you have a choice...If you are keeping the painting and it has value (either financially or personal) I'd encourage you to seek a professional conservator of fine art.  Find one by contacting local galleries or musuems.  You may spend $700-$1000 but possibly worth it to you.  If you intend to sell...don't fix the painting as most dealers prefer to have "their guy" fix the antique.  You'll actually hurt the value of the painting in the dealer's view if you have it fixed.

I still cannot help with the ID of the signature.  Keep trying. Another good contact for this obvious western scene might be Braarud Fine Art in Laconner, Washington.  (360) 466-4416.

Good luck.

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