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I was wondering if you could tell me anything about these paintings. It looks like the signature on one is Duggan but I am not sure. I found a painting on ebay that had a similar signature but im not sure if its the same thing or not. If you could give any info on these I would appreciate it.I have a photo of another painting if I could get your email address I can send it and I have a photo of the signature on this one. Thank you

You have a nice modern seascape picture.  I hope you take good care of your painting, hang it and enjoy it every day.  It looks like perhaps an acrylic, but I can't tell from a photo.  That pictures such as this are very, very common, especially in seaside resort towns, does not at all diminish the value they bring viewers.  

I wish I could tell you this was a painting by a listed American artist, executed in the early twentieth century, because that is what I study, trade, collect, appraise and sell.  But I can't.  This painting is simply too recent.

I would caution against looking for art on eBay.  Although I buy and sell items on eBay, original art is not something I do over the internet.  Several reasons (1) I need to see a painting with my own eyeballs to judge it.  Photos can give an indication as to what you are buying, but they lack proper perspective, picture size, color, paint texture and palatte...on and on.  You should buy what you love, and just as you wouldn't select a life partner by an internet photo alone, you need to spend at least a few moments with a painting before you commit to it.  (2) photos are very easily manipulated, so the quality of what you receive can differ radically from what you saw online.  (3) forgeries happen...a lot more on the internet than anywhere else. It is amazing how much art is shipped from factories in China to the US.  

I'd highly advise you and anyone to learn who the reputable gallery owners and art dealers are in your vicinity or in a large metropolitan area near you.  Find a dealer who will work with you, show you paintings, who will learn about your tastes and what is right for you.  You will pay that person a premium, but if you are "investing" in your art, rather than "spending your cash" you will recieve far greater benefit in both financial and emotional terms in the long run.  A dealer will help you learn as well.  I have been at this game a long time, and I am always learning and hope to learn something new every day about fine art.  Truely, buying and selling art is far more pleasurable with real people, in real time, in a real setting (perhaps spilling a little Chablis!) than the faceless transaction from Paypal.  

I wish you luck in your collecting.  


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