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Sorry, don\'t know
Sorry, don't know  
My mother in law just passed away and we found a large (approx. 24 X 48")framed Oil Painting signed by Amundsen in her basement.  I will a attach picture.  Can you tell me if it is worth anything?

My condolences regarding your mother-in-law.

She left you a terrific picture.  I'd like to know more about this painting before I give you definitive information, but I do think you have something of value!  

First, can you take photos of (1) the front, as you have posted on this web service (2) the reverse (I'd like to see the condition of the canvas and (3) a closeup of the signature.  Is there any date on the painting?  Send these to my email address below.  I'll send you much more information, including the name of the artist.

Tell me what area of the country or state you are in. If you are local to New England, I might like to see the picture myself.

Best regards,

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