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I Rembrandt printed on canvas which is approx 24 x 20.  On
the wooden frame, it has stamped #269, Girl at the half door.  The signature had the "d" as in rembrandt with a
forward slash of something other than English--maybe a date.
Do you think it is possibly worth anything more than it's decorative value?

There are many valuable Rembrandt etchings , none of which were hand signed. He signed the etching plate itself and, to make it readable on the etchings, he signed it backwards (since etchings are a mirror image of the plate). These works were usually done on very thin paper.

There are also much lesser valued reproductions done around the beginning of the 20th century I believe, by Armand Durand (which might be what the "d" is that you describe). These reproductions are usually on thick laid paper and have a collector's stamp on the back. These are worth a couple hundred dollars.

For more information about your work, I recommend sending an email with attached images of the piece to Alex Adelman, president of Masterworks Fine Art, Inc. at . Adelman works with Old Master Prints like Rembrandt every day and will be happy to discuss your piece with you.

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