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watercolour painting?
watercolour painting?  
Hello Stuart,  i was wondering if you could help me with a painting i just bought.  I am not sure if it is real or a fake, i was just drawn to it and so i bought it.  I know nothing of paintings whatsoever, so i am hoping you could help me with this in any way i would really appreciate it.  The label on the back of the painting says the name Moritz Michael daffinger.  I did a quick google and it seems he is a well known painter, but i am unsure if this has anything really to do with him.
Thanks so much for any help you can offer.
It seems i can only add one picture.  I have more with the back if there is any way to add more, i am not sure.
Thanks again.

I looked up Michael Moritz Daffinger in my database, because as a European artist he was unfamiliar to me.  So we have both learned something about this gentleman artist.  Here is a brief bio that you likely found as well:

Daffinger, Moritz Michael, b. Vienna, Jan. 24, 1790, d. Vienna, Aug. 21, 1849. Painter of portraits and flowers, son of porcelain decorator Johann Leopold D.; studied under F. H. Füger at the Academy in Vienna, until 1812 worked as decorator for the Vienna Porcelain Factory, then gained renown among the aristocracy for his miniature portraits; influenced by English portraitist T. Lawrence, D. painted more than 1,000 miniature portraits; from 1841 devoted himself almost exclusively to flower paintings; before his death he painted more than 500 watercolours of flowers, which are especially distinguished by their fine details and life-like quality.

I found in my databases many sales of his portraits by the European auction houses.  Without exception, these are portraits of European royalty.  

His watercolors of flowers all seem to have been detailed studies of the flower itself, as if painted for a book about flowers.  Not landscapes.   While not out of the realm of possibility that he did a landscape or two, the likelihood that a US Mail style postbox appeared in one of his pictures would be remote.  

If you should pursue this further, you would want to take the painting to a local gallery and ascertain all details about it.  Is it in fact an original watercolor, or merely a good reproduction?  What medium is it painted on?  Size?  etc.  Maybe get good pictures of it that you can send to the international auction houses such as Christies or Sotheby's that do business in Europe.  As I say, because I am skeptical of the value of this picture, I would not spend any money on researching it.  Get whatever information you can for free.

Meantime, enjoy the picture!

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