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19th C. Danish watercolor?
19th C. Danish waterco  
I'm interested in learning the country of origin for two paintings I've inherited:

The first, already quite old when purchased about 50 years ago in Amsterdam by my mother, shows a Northern European coastal scene and appears to be either 19th Century Danish or Norwegian. Roughly 3' x 2' in dimension and done (watercolor?) on paper. Were prints of this size available a century or more ago?). I can find no artist signature on the painting.

The second painting, which was acquired as a gift in 1961, appears to be an old oil on canvas portrait and originally hung in a large baroness's house in Dordrecht, Netherlands, which was constructed in 1715. Can you possibly tell me the nationality of the fisherman from his garb? A very faint artist's signature can barely made out at the lower right of this portrait, and appears to read: "B. J'v SAS...?"  I'll attach an image of this painting on another email. I appreciate any information you might be able to provide me.

Dear Earl

I would say that the watercolor you have send me looks more swedish/norwegian than danish. They have a lot of rocks(mountains) in sweden/norway and we have none here in Denmark. I also believe that the clothes doesn't look danish but if it is norwegian or swedish I cant tell. The colors look very bright so I think that there is also some oil paint in this. Maybe it is an oil/watercolor on paper attachted to canvas.

Best Regards, Soren  

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