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I have an etching that was hung in my mother's bedroom as a child by J. Knowles Hare. I am very confused. It has a circle with a C in it with the artists name and titled "Bed Time". On the back of the framed in glass, matted, etching my grandmother has a piece of paper attached saying this is an original etching by J.Knowles Hare. This goes on  to say "Briefly concerning the artist". How can I tell if this is an original etching?

Hi Corinne

The problem about etchings is that the plates usually "live" longer than the artist who originally made them. This means that other people can make a new series of etchings from the original plates and it can be very diffecult to tell if you have the old ones or the new ones. Knowles Hare's oil paintings are quite expensive but his etchings are usually not more than 200-300 dollars worth so it is not a catastrophy if you have a newer reproduction etching. If you remove it from the frame and look at it with a lup you will be able to see if it is an etching or a print.

Best Regards, Soren

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