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LS Lowry Family discussion
LS Lowry Family discus  
QUESTION: Hello from England Brent, I have a Lowry limited edition framed print bought 23 years ago called 'Family discussion'. I tried researching it on the internet as I have never seen it anywhere else and only found one entry for it - contacted them and was told they could obtain it for me for 990.
I have attached photos and details of both. My puzzle is why is this the reverse of mine, is it because it is a lithograph? Mine is not pencil signed but has 688/850 and an embossed HD Limited edition mark. Would mine be a lithograph or print and why so expensive for an unsigned lithograph? You can tell I know nothing about art! Many thanks in anticipation of your advice, Brenda

ANSWER: Hello Brenda,  I have researched Laurence Stephen Lowry's (British, 1887-1976) prints for clients in the past and there were two sources in your country that I found most helpful.  They are: Neptune Fine Art and The Lowry millennium project just outside of Manchester, the direct link to their research centre on Lowry is .  The print that you refer to as 'Family Discussion' I thought was titled 'The Family'.  The one I am thinking of is a coloured photolithograph, same size and edition number.  The image the people sent you may have simply been flipped...  Their asking price of 900 seems reasonable.  Cheers, Brent

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QUESTION: Hello Brent, thank you for your kind response. I have tried the links you gave me but without success. The print you referred to - 'The Family' is not the same one, that is in colour and mine is black and white and a different group of people. If mine is a print (how do I tell?) would it be worth the same as a lithograph, bearing in mind that neither mine or the lithograph I was offered are pencil signed? Many thanks,it's good of you to take the time, Brenda

Brenda,  I am surprised the two links I provided were of no use, sorry for the faulty advice.  Your 'print' does not show up in any of the references I have about the artist, they have no images either, and since the expertise in this artist lies on you side of the Atlantic I suggest you contact Alexander Hayter, Modern and Contemporary Prints specialist at Bloomsbury Auctions in London.  You will find his contact information on their website.  Cheers, Brent

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