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How can you determine a fake from an authenic artwork?  I have a painting from him.  The scene is snowy with people and a church and bldgs in the background.  It also has some very large bare tree limbs in the fore ground with a short gate around a big tree.  So far I can only make out his name as Maurice, Utrillo V. in the lower right hand corner and part of the name ___de ____tre  There seems to be canvas on the back of the frame.

I think almost no people are able of telling a fake Utrillo from a real one without having seen the work. Utrillo is one of the most copied painters in the world and some of the copies are quite good. I think you should concentrate on getting some ownership history on the painting and when that is done. Contact your local auction house - Christie's or Sotheby's is definitely to prefer.

Best Regards, Soren

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