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Oil on Wood Board Painting by Vigi
Oil on Wood Board Pain  
I have two oil paintings one is signed Vigi, the other is unsigned, both are oil on wood board landscape scenes, the only information I could find on an artist with the last name of Vigi is Anton Karlovič Vigi,  was he was born 1764 and died 1845.The paintings measure 15 3/4" wide by 12" high. I purchased them at a thrift store. I want to have them both restored. I used the internet to find more about the artist and cannot. The name Karlovic resulted in information for Croatia. I'm located in the United States and wanted to know more about this artist, but was unable to locate any information. Any assistance you can provide will be greatly appreciated. What is the value of a painting by this artist? Who could I contact if I were interested in selling them?  

Dear Sharon

I can tell you that these are not made by Anton Karlovic Vigi. He painted in a totally different style. I guess that your painting is from the 20th century but who made it I cant tell you.

I am sorry to disappoint you

Best Regards, Soren

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