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Recently while in France I purchased this oil painting in a brocante shop.  It is on canvas but looks like a clear coat has been applied to the top (the brush strokes do not match).  On separate tags on the back of the frame it has some numbers (catalogued ???), the artists name and the painting.  I found from my own research on the internet this painting is included in the artists catalogue of works.  I also tried to locate the original but failed.  Is it a possibility my painting is a copy ???  How else could I find where the original is located???  Here's hoping you can solve my puzzle...

I love the painting...

Your time is appreciated and thank you.

jacqui wallace (western australia)

Dear Jacqui

It is very possible that your painting is done by a follower or pupil of Francois Boucher. He was very copied because of his strong influence on his contemporaries. Numbers on the back of the frame can be put by anybody seller/artist/collector or perhaps museum it is impossible for me to tell where they come from. I think it would be easier for me to give you an honest and decent opinion of your work if you send me a couple of pictures to

Best Regards, Soren

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