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I picked up a framed work that appears to be a watercolor, but unsure how to tell if it is an original or print. It measures 10 3/4" X 14 3/4". The artist's name is fairly clear, but the signature is cursive and it's hard to determine each letter, but it appears to be W. Sk (c or e) lto(u or v) and there is a space between the sk and the 3rd letter. The back was sealed with brown, (it is now anyway) paper, but has cracks around edge as it is very brittle. It has some water stains around the matting, but it appears the picture has been spared and the glass has a crack diagonally across the bottom. The subject is a young boy/girl with one leg folded under and one knee upright with right arm around a rabbit on a rock munching lettuce. Subject wears a feminine hat and ruffled blouse. I've tried to find even a similar signature on line and the only last name I could find that comes close is Skelton, but his first name was Jonathan. There is a sticker on the back of the shop where it was framed in Chicago, Waller Art Shop. The item was purchased from an estate sale. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you,Calvin

Hello Calvin,  While your description is thorough, an image would be even better.  Have you taken the work apart?  If not, I suggest you do so - carefully.  I need more information about the work before I can attempt to begin identifying it.  Cheers, Brent

Calvin - I did not set up AllExperts' system so I suggest it is not very fair of you to provide negative feedback simply because you cannot attach an image using the instructions they provide.  We are all volunteers and the feedback is all the thanks we get - no one wants negative feedback especially when it is completely unwarranted.  Good day, Brent

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