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QUESTION: I have "MIDNIGHT RACE ON THE MISSISSIPPI" Copyright 1875, by Currier & Ives, N.Y. It has been preserved very well. I am interested in selling it but I don't know where to turn. Would you advise me? Thank you.

ANSWER: Hello Steve,  What is the image size of your print?  What is its provenance?  I ask these questions for it is important to determine if you have an original print from the period or one of the many reproductions created post 1930 or so.   Please attach a good quality image of the front of the work outside the frame.  Cheers, Brent

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QUESTION: The image measures 9 x 13 1/4 in. A corporate executive in Nashville, Tennessee, that I worked for while I was in college gave it to me in 1984. He thought it was an original print, but he didn't know that much about it. I'm afraid I will damage it by taking it out of the frame because the back is sealed -- I'll send an image of it in the frame. If it must be unframed, I'll take it to someone who can safely remove it and then send you an unframed image.

Thank you so much for your time Brent!

Hello Steve,  I cannot determine if your work is a period piece when it is framed for I need to see the margins and the back.  It appears to be a fair example of a work from Currier & Ives small portfolio.  The colours are not as bright as they should be and the margins may be missing.  Similar works sell for $750.00 - $1,500.00.  I suggest you find an art dealer that specializes in antique original prints to see if they are interested in selling the work on your behalf.  Good luck, Brent

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