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Watercolor signed Raoul Dufy
Watercolor signed Raou  
QUESTION: I have a watercolor, signed Raoul Dufy.  I cannot decide whether I need to get an offical validation/appraisal because of the cost (I really do not have the $$).  What is the chance this is an original?  Not sure if I bought it a an auction, thrift store or yard sale.  I bought it because I liked it and did not realize util later it was an original watercolor.  How would you suggest I proceed before selling?  I can send additional pictures if needed.  Thank you.

ANSWER: Sorry Treva, This is a print, and not an original print by Dufy. It has yard sale value only.

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QUESTION: Thanks.  May I ask how to determine (layman easy) an original watercolor from a print?

Dear Treva, There is no "easy way" to tell you how to distinguish a watercolor from a print. For me it is a matter of 38 years of buying, selling, and comparing works of art. When you buy a watercolor for $1,800 and find out it is a print worth $50 you learn quickly.
There are two things you can do. If you are near a major art museum make an appointment with the curator of prints and drawings, to be shown the difference. Or, buy a book on how prints are made.

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