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Fine Art/Indian Print, by Artist...Eric Cousen?


The print measures about 11"x14" with very vibrant colors.  Took it to a restorer & she identified that it was printed: Campbell Art Co. It had a number:
3896 on it, & the company logo was embossed.  Also, we think that the artist is:
Eric Cousen (possibly "m" instead of "n").  With a "c" circled after his name.  
Can you please try to help me to locate this artist? Or point me in the
direction? Also, she confirmed that it is an original print in it's original
framing.  She will be white-washing the print for me & fixing a tear.
Any help that you can give me would be appreciated.
She also stated that it did not have the fine dots that you usually see in a print & that in fact was layered printed, multiple colors layered on top of each other.

Hello Karen,  Your reproduction is most likely by Eric de Coulon (1888-1965).  A bio listed on states:
1909: Studied architecture at the Polytechnicum in Zurich and then to art school at La Chaux-de-Fonds with Eplattenier (1910-1912)
1913: He arrived in Paris but only started working in 1917 for the Galeries
Lafayette. He makes posters, advertisements, catalogues, windows, blankets journals.
1918: He opens an office of advertising, but could not do any personal work, he closes in 1921. From that moment, it really breaks new ground with the "letter-topic."
In its posters of tourism, he spoke more freely, and considers his close personal pictorial research.
His original works were usually very large, 3 x 4 feet, lithographs and they can sell for many thousands of dollars. Later reproductions are small and sell for low hundreds of dollars.  Cheers, Brent

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