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Mark B wrote at 2011-12-04 04:25:58
OH MY, I live in Australia Bendigo and bought a painting from a guy selling it at a's of a very old asian lady looking to the side holding a walking stick and there's also an asian inscription next to his name in the bottom right corner! I came onto the net to try and find the painter! Email me for a picture

Jennifer Edwards wrote at 2015-08-10 14:47:27
Hi Hillary,

I am the proud owner of two paintings by Hmichel. They are both done in sepia tones just like yours. they are signed with both his name in Arabic (American?) writing as well as his name in what appears to me to be Chinese. I purchased them at an antique auction here in St. Petersburg. I liked them enough to pay $600 for the pair. The person who consigned the paintings was at the auction and told me that she paid much MUCH more for them while on a trip to the orient she made in the early 1950's. From what research I have been able to do he is well known for portraits of people of his country doing every day things, like reading, eating, gathering food etc... almost always close ups. He is known for his ability to communicate to the viewer what is on the subject or subjects mind/minds by their expressions.

From looking at the rough quality of the canvas I am sure it is hand woven on a loom and the yellowing on the back shows it has some aging to it. I can e-mail you images of the portraits if you wish, simply contact me at jen_edwards (that is an underscore between my first and last name) at rocketmail dotcom. I sincerely hope that this helps you in your search for the origin of your fine painting. Very Truly Yours, Jennifer

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