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Alinari Photo The Annunciation Swan Electric Engraving
Alinari Photo The Annu  
I have this print of The Annunciation. It is an Alinari photo printed by the Swan Electric Engraving Co. I cant not find anything like it online. The image itself measures approximately 4.5 by 4 inches. There is what I thought was smudge to the left of the title but after looking at it closely it looks like something was written there and I can kind of make out a 13/3? but its really to hard to tell. It also looks like a plate indention around the image. The paper is thick like card stock and is not cut quite square almost like it was cut with scissors. From my research The Alinari brothers started photographing Italian works of art in the 1850's with exclusive rights to photograph certain museums and churches. The Swan Electric Engraving Co was doing business in London during the late 1800's and early 1900's. I found adds for them in the 1870's advertising there photogravure and swantype services. I believe they were associated with Joesph Swan the inventor. In doing ths research I could not find anything linking the two companies nor any image like this one so I have no idea of the date this was made. So my questions are, Do you know anything else about this print? When it was made? What it is exactly? Do you have any idea of its value? Any idea of its rarity or lack there of? Thank you so much for your time I understand that you do this for free so I really appreciate your time and knowledge. I have attached a picture of this.

Hello JJ,  Alinari is still in existence and your research about them is generally correct.  Joseph Swan did begin Swan Electric Engraving Co which did print the work you have and many others in the very early 1900s.  The technique he used is simply an early photo-transfer process, while revolutionary at the time it was replaced by offset lithography post WW I.
Your print is a reproduction of a photograph of one of Fra Angelico’s Annunciation c.1432-1434 tempera on panel, 175 x 180 cm.  You can view the actual work in the Museo Diocesano in Cortona, Italy.
Your reproduction, which was most likely an illustration for a book of some kind, has little value, under $50.00 if in perfect condition, and it is most likely not rare.
I see you posted at Insta))ppraisal over a month ago.... stick with AllExperts for the fastest, most accurate answers....   Cheers, Brent

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