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QUESTION: I had some friends pack my Sierra Sunrise lithograph and they chipped the beautiful old frame...while I was in the hospital having a baby....could of killed them when I unpacked it. How Can I get the frame repaired...its very, very old? And how do I clean the painting? I live in Colorado. Thank you for your time.

ANSWER: Greetings Terra:

My apologies the frame has been damaged.  Truly, your friends have done you a disservice, as frames are costly ... and repairing frames may be even more costly!  (Any chance you had it insured?)

If the frame is made of plaster, look up art restorers in your area.  (I am aware of at least one in Denver; however, I cannot name it here, not wishing to put myself or AllExperts in a bind as recommending a specific vendor.)

If the frame is made of wood, a furniture repairman should be able to use wood filler and wax.

Best wishes, sincerely,
Jay Heuman

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D. John Massaroni Lithograph "Sierra Sunrise"
D. John Massaroni Lith  
QUESTION: It looks like plaster and wood. Like two pieces of wood stuck together with plaster in the middle. The frame has little hairline cracks all over. And I have paperwork on it...It's registered thru the "united  states commemorative fine art gallery" signed by George C. Henderson.. President.thru the office recorder in Cleveland, Ohio. I dont know if this is real or not..because everything I type up on line...sierra sunrise pops up another picture of white mountains....maybe mine is part of a series? And some Italian artist living now did that one. But I did also get one that lived around 1904 thru...I cant remember. But it looks real. And the back of the frame looks to be really aged. But I'll give you my email address...if you can share with me on where to get the frame fixed? Please. I didn't have it insured. Should I? Do you think it's worth anything? Just a yes or no. I'm an artist my self and would like to take care of it. And I'm from Arizona.. so I don't know anyone here in Colorado. Some place that has a good reputation.... and wont rip me off....Thank you again for your help...Terra

Greetings Terra:

The print by Massaroni entitled 'Sierra Sunrise' does not strike me as more 'valuable' than a few hundred dollars; but the image you attached is not Massaroni's 'Sierra Sunrise'.  I cannot identify the image you attached, so have no idea where to recommend you seek further information.

As for the frame:
Without having first-hand knowledge or providing guarantees of their workmanship, I found a listing for the Metropolitan Frame Company in Denver, CO.  That may be a good starting point.

Best wishes,
Jay Heuman

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