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Everett Woodson Barn
Everett Woodson Barn  
I own an Everett Woodson Oil Painting which I have had for a number of years.  I am now retired and am in the process of downsizing my living quarters and the painting is too large for my new apartment.  The frame measures 46" wide and 34" high and the painting itself measures 36" wide and 24" high.  It is a barn scene (obviously) with an old wooden wagon in the foreground, a large barn and a wooden water tank in the background.  I am wondering what is the best way to dispose of this painting and also its potential value.

Greetings Mr. Evans:

I am not a licensed appraiser so will not comment about potential value of artworks.

As for the best way to dispose of this painting, you have choices:

    * live auction
    * online auction
    * a secondary market dealer (buys or takes on consignment)
    * newspaper/journal advertisement
    * find a museum that might wish the painting as a long-term
         loan, promised gift, or out-right donation.

Other folks may present you with other options.

Best wishes, sincerely,
Jay Heuman

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