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Leather Wall Hanging of A Black Soldier
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I purchased this leather wall hanging at a yard sale. The lady who sold it told me used to work for a large accounting firm in Northern California and had received it as a gift from her former boss over twenty years ago. The piece measures 24 inches wide and 20 inches high, there is a hook attached to the back for hanging. I took this piece to a Fine Arts Professor who couldn't tell me the period this piece could have been made nor the country of origin. What can you tell me about this art technique. Thanks so much for your assistance.

Greetings Sharon:

Most art historians (like me) or fine art professors (like the one you asked) would have no clue about such a molded leather wall hanging, as they do not 'fit' the history of fine art ... and are often considered craft (or kitsch).  As a result, I have no idea what 'period' it dates to; but was likely manufactured within a few years of when you received it as a gift.

What I can describe briefly is the technique.  Leather may be molded by wetting it, then holding it in place to dry OR by blocking it, which is to say using forms around which or into which the leather may be molded.  Once the leather dries in form, it may be decorated by 'painting' with leather dye; applying gold or silver leaf; gluing on beads, sequins, etc.

Best wishes,
Jay Heuman

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