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I am attempting to find some information about this painting if you could help me please.  When was it painted, and also what it's worth in todays market?  If a person was wanting to sell how do we go about it?  Is there a market for this?  I am truly uneducated in anything related to at but would love to understand by educating myself with this piece of work first.  Thank you for your incredible advice.  I admire your ability and appreciate your expertise.  Thank you for your valuable time.  


Ronda Setser

Wild horses running through a prairie, spectacular.  I will attach a photo if I can figure how to post it.

Dear Ronda,

I checked and could not find a reference to the painting you are inquiring about. It is very difficult (nearly impossible) to get the kind of information you are seeking; such as when it was painted; without having a catalogue of the artists work. I donít believe anyone has taken on the challenge of compiling the known original work of Rico Tomaso. Possibly someone will in the future. Wouldnít it be helpful is artists added dates to all of their paintings?

His work is not particularly active on the secondary market at this time. I checked the listed auction prices for his original paintings and they range from a couple of hundred to several thousand dollars. Certainly the subject matter makes a difference in the desirability of an artistís work and it appears Tomasoís illustrations and Native American paintings gain the highest prices at auction. Horses have a unique collector base and I imagine the painting you have posted would fetch in the higher range area for Tomaso. I cannot tell by the photo if it is an original. You may want to verify the medium at a local gallery; antique shop; or museum if you are unsure about telling the difference between original paintings and prints on canvas. Rico Tomaso has many images that were released as prints on canvas.

If someone wants to sell art on the secondary market it is usually better left for the professionals; especially if the art is by well known artists. You may want to contact major auction houses with requests for consignment. They can provide auction estimates. Illustration House has sold Tomasoís paintings at auction so they may be a good place to start. There are other avenues for the sale of secondary market art; such as eBay and other art posting websites. Excellent photographs and knowledgeable descriptions are essential to success when selling art on the internet.

I hope this information is helpful.

Best regards,

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