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i have three paintings that i got when my grandfather died and i would like to find out any history on them.
this one says 'holy eyes' underneath the woman, on the left hand side on the bottom it says painted by L.G. Middleton or I.G. Middleton
on the right hand side it says engraved by F.Holl.
in the middle of the bottom it says 'as shining beacons, solely, to light to heaven'
the very bottom says in very small faded print 'london published for the proprietor 1845 by chapman & hall 186 strand'
this was framed, but it was broken. the frame was just like the last two, which are not matted, but the glass is actually black with the gold thread.
this one says 'the hamlet's pride'
i have another but i will have to do another post.....
i am limited to 4 pics...
jenny schneider
a baby tail

Greetings Ms/Mrs Schneider:

This is really not my area of expertise.  What I do know is that F. Holl was Frank Holl.  A quick search turned up the following biography:

Hopefully this lead gets you one step closer to learning about the particular prints in your possession.

Best wishes, sincerely,
Jay Heuman

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