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Hello,  I also have a  original oil landscape painting on canvas of what appears to be the Italian countryside.  I purchased it awhile ago in a small antique shop from a dealer who liked art, but had never researched the piece.  It also has a small brass plaque with the name "Tedeschi" on the bottom of the frame.  I also can't make out the first initial in the signature, for certain, The first initial looks most like an "E" or "G" to me. It's a rather large  & beautifully framed painting. It has beautiful light qualities & particularly features a stunning large tree. The canvas itself measures 24"x 36". On the back there's also a very old type written note,that's attached to the frame, but partially torn away, It reads."...of Genoa, is considered to be a true expert, especially of Landscapes. His canvases are precise and exacting.      I'd be glad to send you a picture of it ? Can you tell me anything more about this Artist?
PS:I'm in the Sacramento CA. area.
Thanks in advance

This is out of the area that I normally answer questions about so please read the description more carefully next time.

I will however help you with your artpiece but I need you to send me a couple of pictures of it. Send it to and I will do my reasearch.

Best Regards, Soren

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