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Fine Art/"Montcalm" by Arnulphy?


For the past several years I have been compiling data to write Louis-Joseph,
Le Marquis de Montcalm's biography. In my search for information, I happened
across an 18th century oil on canvas portrait with provenance and inscriptions on verso
that suggest the sitter is indeed the famous Marquis. After viewing portrait
and documented provenance, I purchased the painting from a reputable USA dealer. My hope was to loan work to Canada'a National Portrait Gallery indefinitely.

After several months of working with curators from NPG, the sitter's ID is
inconclusive. Because of their mandate, they are unable to accept painting
unless a strong Canadian connection is made. I've attached a photo of the
portrait with the hopes that you might have seen it. The artist is also
unknown. After comparing the work with the styles of many French Old
Masters, I believe the painting's style and content resembles the work of
Claude Arnulphy, who painted in the same time and area in France as Montcalm lived.
If you have the time or interest, I would be very interested in your opinion and or insight. I would also be appreciative if you might suggest someone who might be able to further help me if you cannot.

Kind Regards,

Fred Prince Rupert, BC, Canada

Dear Mr. Rupert

Before I answer your question and start my research I would like to see more pictures of your artwork. Please send me pictures of the front, back, brushwork, and signature?. I would also like to know more about the provenance if you dont mind.

Send the info to my email

Best Regards, Soren Holmstrup

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