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Unknown Portrait of a Bearded Man
Unknown Portrait of a  
I've been trying to identify the painting in this image (I'm also attaching the image):

The painting is a reproduction of an old master's.  (That's the only picture I've got of it.)  I thought it was Dutch Baroque, but I've checked out the top two dozen Dutch Baroque portrait and genre painters and couldn't find it.  Then I thought maybe Italian Renaissance to Baroque and checked out quite a few painters there with no luck so far.

I was hoping, if you don't recognize the painting, you could give me an opinion as to possible artists or at least to nation / era so I would have an idea of when / where to keep searching.

Thank you.

Dear Margaret

I will say that your first thought is not far from the truth. I cant put an artist name on it. If I had to guess I would say circle of Willem Drost. The motive and use of light and shadow is typical dutch 16th and I am pretty confident that you should continue your search in the dutch 16th.

Good luck

Best Regards, Soren  

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