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Peter hayward
Peter hayward  
I recently sold a Peter Hayward oil painting to a man in Australia.  I sell on ebay and I have a seven day money back guarantee.  He said he took it to 3-4 places, because the framer said it looked funny.  well, he finally said he lied and had a lady friend check it with an ultra violet light.  He didn't have to do that, a loop was all he needed.  I wish I could send a photo, if I can, let me know how.  I am afraid he might be doing a switch.  He says he wants his money back. If he sends it back and it is a fake one, how can I tell?  Why would he lie about where he took it? If you had a picture and decided to reframe it, would there be marks from the original frame still apparent?  Thanks for your help. I will try to send you an image with this.  tell me if you think it looks real, just for my own information.

Dear Alma,

I hope you are doing well. I am afraid I may not be of much help with your painting. I checked on the artist and most of his work that I found is Hawaiiana and I was not able to locate an image with a visible signature.

The photo you posted was very blurry. It looks like a nice painting and in the impressionist style of Peter Hayward. Is the buyer saying it is not an original painting at all; or is he saying it is not an original Peter Hayward?

Overall, I would be surprised if someone would go to the trouble of copying a painting. It would be impossible for the buyer to send a reproduction this fast as the oil would still be wet. The artist has a heavy impasto style an often uses a pallet knife.
I feel you will know if it is not the painting you sent him. Reframe marks are not always evident so that would not be a reliable indicator. I imagine he originally lied about taking it to 3-4 places for opinions to back up his assertion the painting is not authentic. I am a little confused as to the information the lady friend was able to glean from using a black light that would substantiate it being a reproduction. Usually black light is used to detect repairs and overpaints. It can be used as a tool in researching signature authenticity, but it is not an absolute as some artists sign their work after applying the varnish. Just for my own information, I would ask the person to have the lady friend "expert" to write down her conclusions from the black light.

I have had buyers in the past who decide for one reason or another to return the art they bought. I always just take it back and move on. I do not reimburse any shipping; going or coming back; so I am only out until I can sell the art to someone else. One thing you may want to consider is a negative feedback for not honoring your money back guarantee. Can you send me a link to the ebay auction with the listing on it? Your photos are probably better with the listing. You can email it to

Best regards,

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