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Hello, if you could please answer..

    I understand that Jacob Jordeans was not a student of Caravaggio, but was influenced and even immitated some of Caravaggio's paintings...(question) Could you find out for me what Caravaggio paintings were immitated by Jacob Jordeans? I would love to see the comparisons.

Dear Joan

Jordaens was only indirectly influenced by Caraviggio, he was inspired by other dutch artists who had visited Rome and experienced Caravaggios works. In Jordaens early paintings (usually dated around 1612-1625) such as The Artist's Family (Hermitage, St. Petersburg) and Allegory of Fertility (Brussels) he reveals the influence of Caravaggio in his firm modeling and realistically treated surface. Another example is "Satyr in the Peasant's House", after 1620, Paris, Louvre. Here Jordaens uses strong contrasts of light and shade, and figures of an earthy realism again the inspiration from Caraviggio is absolutely present. After this period and approx. 10 years ahead he shows increased  grandeur and richness (Triumph of Bacchus) and the influences of  Rubens and Van Dyck are especially clear.

If you have further questions feel free to ask a follow-up

Best Regards, Soren

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