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We were given Espana litho for christmas. HC 29/45. Not sure whether its real or not. It is signed and fingerprinted. Just wondering how to go about getting it authenticated and whether I should. I've heard that HC makes them of no value, but I've also heard that it doesn't. Any thoughts. thanks megs

I will start by saying that this is out of my area of expertice because I only answer questions related to old masters. I can share some thoughts anyway. But in the future please ask one of the other experts.
"HC" means Hors de Commerce and is french for "outside of sale". It is  a designation for prints not in the numbered series pulled for the use of the publisher, normally limited to 5 or 6.
This means that your print is out of the numbered series and that makes the value substantially lower. There are so many fake Dali prints on the market so it is impossible for me to say if yours are good or not.
I suggest you bring it to your local gallery or auctionhouse and let them have a look at it.

Best Regards, Soren

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