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QUESTION: My father has an oil on canvas landscape signed by J.C. Carrol which he inherited years ago from his father.  I recently did a search on the internet attempting to find info about the artist and ended up buying another J.C. Carrol landscape on e-bay (pic attached).  I believe he was born in New York in 1900, can you tell me anything more?

First, I apologize for a late response.  Second, what a terrific picture you have!   
I find scant reference to a John Charles Carroll (note spelling of last name):

1999   Falk, Peter Hastings (Editor)   Who Was Who in American Art, 1564-1975  3 Volumes   Pg. 3724

1957   Groce, George; David Wallace   The New York Historical Society's Dictionary of Artists in America 1564-1860   Pg. 759

He is listed as mid-nineteenth Century and as having painted portraits and marine pictures.  
Jim, is that really an oil on canvas, or a lithograph...very hard to tell from the internet picture so forgive my asking.  Either way, it looks like possible mildew stains in the apron...I would consider reframing.  In any case, enjoy your artwork!

Finally, I would caution against buying on eBay.  Many wrong turns can be taken by anyone looking to invest in good art online.  Better to find and develop a relationship with a dealer you like and trust.  


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QUESTION: Thanks for responding, it is definately an oil on canvas and the correct spelling is Carrol with one L.  We now have 2 paintings by JC Carrol, the signatures are the same and I found some photos of other paintings by JC Carrol on the internet, a couple sold at auction in the 1990's, one for $750 and one for $1,ooo and are very similar to the ones we own.  It does need reframing and a good cleaning.  My father has always loved the painting he got from his father and the look on his face when I showed him another painting by the same artist was priceless; when I stumbled across it on ebay in my search for info about the artist I wasn't concerned about investing, I couldn't pass it up. Thanks again, Jim

Hi Jim,
I see your winning listing on eBay.  I am sure you already asked the auctioneer about provenance and tried tracing it that way.  

I did a tad more digging, and found reference in an old copy of Davenports to a "J Crawford Carroll" who is listed as a San Francisco commercial artist of the twentieth century.  Davenports picked up the reference in "Artists in California" by Edan Milton, Hughes Publishing, 1989.  No confirmation that this is your artist, and I note it not the unusual spelling of "Carrol" that appears on your painting. Other than that I can find no listed artist with the name "JC Carrol".   

It might make sense that this was a commercial artist producing pictures for a book or magazine.  This painting has nothing to do with twentieth century American art, but is made to look like a genre piece from the nineteeth century.  My guess is it was painted to be reproduced as an illustration.  

Glad you made your father happy.  That's worth anything.


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