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Fine Art/Painting ? by Carle Vernet 1824


Carle Vernet painting
Carle Vernet painting  
Hello Soren, I purchased from an estate sale a lovely framed painting ? signed LL Carle Vernet 1824.  Upon research I found this is titled "HUNT IN THE PARK IN FOUNTAINBLEAU".  It looks like an oil painting as it has the brush marks in the right places and thick feel of an oil on board but upon close inspection you can see it is a painted lithograph ?  Has a very shiny finish.  Measures approx. 20" x 28", framed 23" x 31".  Could you tell me what this is called and the approximate age and value?  Thank you for your time.  Ann

Dear Ann

It is indeed a lovely picture you have bought. I think it is an offset lithograph - a bit like a poster.

Paintings by Vernet are scarce and very expensive, a print like yours is mass produced and the frame is probaly the expensive part.

I think it is late 19th century.

Best Regards, Soren

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