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Hello, I am writing an academic paper in a Fine Art degree and for my research I need help in finding the auction record of Mark Rothko's No.7 (Dark over Light) including the previous sale prices it was purchased for. Christie's website only tells me the names of the previous owners, and the artindex website requires me to pay for membership, an option I want to avoid. If this is too specific it can be any other Rothko painting, and if that is too specific then any other painting from over 4 decades ago. I just need to compare auction prices. Thank you for your help.

Hi Larissa,

Auction prices are sometimes difficult to track, and that is why there is often a charge for viewing these numbers. I could not find any auction prices for "Dark over Light". However, here is a partial list of estimates and hammer prices for the Rothko auction sales I was able to find.

A tapestry sold....
23 Nov 2008
"Blue and Pink"
Est. 7500-8500 EUR
hammer: 9000 EUR
Auction house: Piasa S.A.

Another tapestry....
10 June 2008
"Pink over red"
Est. 12000-15000 EUR
hammer: 18124 EUR
Auction house: Piasa S.A.

A painting....
13 May 2008
hammer: $45,000,000 USD
Auction house: Christie's

You could try contacting Christie's over the phone, but they may not release such information to you. A very interesting piece to view auction prices for is Rembrandt's 'The Hundred Guilder Print', currently selling at Masterworks Fine Art, Inc. This is probably the most famous and valuable of Rembrandt etchings . There is a good amount of documentation floating around about this work. Let me know if I can help you with anything else, and I wish you the best on your research.

Andrew Evans

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