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Did Rembrandt do more than one (1) painting of the same subject? One on a wood panel and one on canvas? If there are two paintings of the same subject and one is on a wood panel and the other is on canvas, which one is the original? If one of his pupils made a copy of the original, would the pupil have painted it on the wood panel or the canvas?

Rembrandt is one of the hardest painters to autenticate without spending years and thousands of dollars before a final answer can be recieved.
Rembrandt and his pupils collaborated on several works - he even signed some of his students works and sold them as his own. He had one of the most skilled workshops and many art experts face huge diffeculties as of who made which works.

Rembrandt generally painted on canvas, but some of his smaller works are on wooden panel.

If you email me some pictures I shall gladly give you my opinion.


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