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I am looking for assistance in learning more about my Chagall print Carmen that I bought a long time ago from an art dealer in New York. It is signed. I have a certificate with it somewhere, but I cannot find it at the moment. Will this be a problem if I try to sell the art? I think it is a popular piece.

I can attach photos if that helps. I would like to speak with someone who is very familiar with Marc Chagall prints and can tell me the best way to sell it, or if now is the right time to sell.

Carmen, by Marc Chagall
Carmen, by Marc Chagal  
The art market is hot right now after a short lull earlier this year. Auction sales are breaking records and people are excited about fine art purchases again. Chagall's Carmen is a very popular and stunning piece, and you should have no trouble finding a buyer. You have several options: 1) Sell it to an auction house, 2) Find a buyer yourself, or 3) find an art dealer who will work with you or purchase the piece outright.

As far as art dealers, I recommend Alex Adelman Masterworks Fine Art . Adelman works with Chagall prints daily and will give you his knowledge and advice free of charge. He may be interested in purchasing it or helping you sell it.

If you want to sell it quickly but possibly make less from it, you can try Christies New York . They have an auction coming up on December 16, 2009 that might accept this work. This work has recently sold for well over auction estimates in recent months at Christies. The margins were really small too. Again, make sure to show as much of the margins as possible to distinguish it from poster reproductions that have text near the bottom margin. And, of course, the signature is very important to the value of the work.

The Metropolitan Opera House in New York commissioned Chagall to make this piece.

Any paperwork you have on the piece (provenance, catalog information, etc) is always helpful, but not required. Alex Adelman can give you more details about what is necessary to sell the piece. The auction houses can also fill you in.

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