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Shephervefs La Bergerl ??
Shephervefs La Bergerl  
Hello Dolly,
I believe I have a lithograph done by Carle Vernet. The actual picture size is a 6x8. The person in the picture actually looks a little like Carle Vernet at a young age possibly! It is not framed, and has been in the family for a long time. On the back of the print in the lower corner right there is stamp the reads "Made in France". In the upper left corner is something written not legible /100 (it is hard to read). The paper it is on is very old in appearance. I have looked on many web sites looking for this drawing and have not been successful. The attached drawing I have enlarged the title, and signatures for better identification.

I have some questions relating to the drawing.
1. The signature shows Carle Vernet Inv y Del. What is the Inv y Del?
2. What does the title Say? Also what does the CV*2 (ie. Carle Vernet 2??) Stand for?
3. Whose signature is on the right?
4. Is this a rare print?
5. And last but not least, is this valuable? Also, how or who would I contact to find out more about the print, its origin and authenticity?

Any information that you might offer would be very valuable to me and greatly appreciated.


What you have is an aquatint by Charles François Gabriel Levachez after the drawing by Carle Vernet (1758 - 1836). I cannot tell by the photograph if it is hand colored. The picture is also too blurry for me to enlarge to read the title of the print. Shephervefs La Bergerl is an incorrect reading of the title so I cannot translate.

The print is from Vernet's series “Recueil de Chevaux Tous, Genres, Cessines" (basically an anthology of the various kinds of horses). Printed in Paris circa 1820.
Work from this series varies in price based on condition and image; but the range is generally between $700-1200 retail. You can further research your print by using key words in this response; Carl Vernet, Levachez, aquatint, horse, cheval, etc.

You may try contacting one of the antique print dealers online that comes up on your searches for more information. Vernet prints are very collectable. I have inserted his bio from The Getty below.

I hope this information is helpful.

Carle Vernet   
b. 1758 Bordeaux, France, d. 1836 Paris
draftsman; painter
In addition to being a painter and lithographer, Carle Vernet was an avid horseman. Just days before his death at the age of seventy-eight, he was seen racing as if he were a sprightly young man. In his own time, Vernet was known primarily as an exceptional painter of horses in full movement--either racing, hunting or in cavalry portraits. Vernet received a conventional artistic education from his father, Claude-Joseph Vernet, as well as from a very successful history and genre painter. In 1782 he won the highly coveted Prix de Rome, and in 1808 Napoleon awarded him the Legion of Honor for one of his battle scenes. Although his sister was guillotined for concealing letters to members of the aristocracy, Vernet's work does not reflect tragedy. Instead, he concentrated much of his efforts on creating acute observations of daily life. This is especially true of his work after 1816, when he produced engravings of street vendors, horse markets, and dandies. Today Vernet is recognized more for his witty, satirical engravings than for his paintings. He is also frequently thought of in association with his son Horace, whose painting talents he fostered and who became even more famous than his father.

Best regards,

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