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This is my FOURTH attempt to send this to you through the website; this time I WON't attach an image, and see if it works.  I actually could send you several images if you wish, but the website only seems to allow one, and seems to not be working.
My wife's mother has recently given her and her sister a painting signed by A. Dzigurski.  I'll attach some images, and we also have a brochure that came with the painting, and from comparing the picture on the brochure with Internet info I know it is Alex Dzigurski Sr.  The canvas is two feet by three feet and is in the original frame. We believe that my wife's late grandfather bought the painting in the late 1960's, directly from the artist in his studio in Palo Alto, CA.  I cannot determine from Interenet info if this particular painting has a formal name.  Can you provide us any information that could lead to an appraisal value?

Relax, don't work so hard.  The internet can be a tough battle sometimes!  

Don't worry about its "formal name".  Not at all important, unless it gives a location or date, or some other interesting history of the work.  What's the subject ... let me guess, sea waves crashing on a coastline?

Probably worth $1,500 to $2,000, but that is wild ballpark, sight unseen estimate.  Contact Bodega Bay Heritage Gallery in Bodega Bay, CA.   They'll know better.  That gets you started in the right direction, believe me.  

Best of luck,

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