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We have an oil painting that has "24. Utrillo Maurice   1883-1955    La rue des Saules & Montmarter" printed on the back of what appears to be a wooden canvas.   We cannot find a copy of this on the internet.   How would we go about verifying this is an original?  There are impressions of peoples' outlines on the painting if you look closely.  Thank you.

Hi Phyllis,

Auction records show a painting by Utrillo Maurice titled "La rue des Saules" (59x81 cm) sold for $96,000 in the 1980's. You may have a print of this work or something similar.

I recommend contacting Christies or Sothebys auction houses, as they are the two largest auction houses in the world. They may have an expert who knows this piece. If there is one near where you live, you can also take it to a Bonham's Valuation Day . I hope this helps, and good luck to you!


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