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asian bridge print
asian bridge print  
Hello. This is another print that I am looking for info on. The size of the actual image on this one is 14.25" x 9.75" and the actual paper is 19" X 13". Thank You  

Hi Timea,

Thank you for your inquiry. Those are beautiful prints, obviously Japanese. Since I am not a Japanese expert I think you'd be better off contacting a gallery that specializes on Japanese prints, particularly if these are original. These are both traditional prints. The geisha looks to be in the tradition of a famous artist named Utamaro. Many of his prints had as their main subject Geishas. In the same way, the bridge print appears to be from a tradition related to another artist who produced landscape prints named Hiroshige. Now I am not saying these paintings are by these artists but they appear to be in their tradition. I really wish I knew more. I truly am not sure how to provide you with additional information. What might be helpful for another person evaluating these works will be to include close ups of the Colophon or written stamps on each work. This provides information regarding date, artist, workshop, that someone who reads Kanji or Hiragana (Japanese languages used in art works# might be able to read for you, particularly if these are late 19th-early 20th century.
I can tell you that Japanese prints are popular in Japan to this day and there are many shops that are dedicated solely to the sale of these prints. Depending on the artist, technique, number of prints of the same subject produced by a workshop, etc. the prices vary greatly. When I was there back in 2006 you could purchase a print of the same size from the late 19th to early 20th century for as little as $70 dollars and as much as $5,000 dollars depending on size, artist, and print number #If the workshop made 200 copies of one work the earlier prints would be more desirable than later printings). There are probably very famous original prints that cost far more than that, but that's just the budget I was working with. This is why an expert in Japanese painting would be able to answer these and many other questions. You could do an online search and see if you can find any galleries or appraisers dealing with Japanese prints. You might have to pay somebody for a consult or if you are in the United States, Canada or the UK you could try Antiques appraisers or roadshows where they have free appraisals. Just make sure that they are qualified in this area and have a background on this type of art.
I really wish I could be of more help. These are very nice works of art, and quite popular in Japanese culture.

I wish you good luck with your search. If I can be of any additional help please let me know.

Thank you very much,


Carolina B.

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