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I bought a sketch that was labeled "possibly authentic".  I bought this on e-bay and it came from Amsterdam.  The artist was Anton Mauve and it was signed AM.  I have since been to Amsterdam and visited several museums and never saw one Mauve signed that way - his signature was always either A Mauve or Anton Mauve.  How would I find out if the artist ever signed his works with just his initials?

Dear Karen

I am almost certain that Mauve never signed with initials. There is much fraud on ebay, people finding old drawings and sign them with an artist they know. You can always ask yourself - If I had a picasso drawing that I thought was authentic, would I then sell it on ebay for a few hundred dollars?

I am afraid you got tricked, hopefulle the sketch is nice and you didnt pay to much for it.

Best Regards, Soren

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