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The Praying Jew
The Praying Jew  

My question is two part.

First, what is the difference between a vintage print and a lithograph?

Second, I have a large vintage print/lithograph by Marc Chagall. After some research I found that the name is titled: The Praying Jew. It's about 21"x26" or so (in old frame and I did not want to take out). Marc Chagall's signature is at the bottom right side of picture and three upside down triangles with dots inside of them, are about three inches above the signature. Is there value in old signed prints/lithographs?

Thank you in advance.

Hi Malcolm, 'vintage print' can mean an old print or a print depicting something from a long time ago, like the Civil War or Biblical matters. I do not recognize this work as being one of Chagall's, and I cannot find it in any catalog raisonne. You can refer to this extensive list of many of his works . I also cannot see the signature. Compare the style of work and the signature to these Chagall prints for sale. The value greatly depends on your ability to claim it as a work that has been documented in a respected catalog raisonne for Marc Chagall.

Also, you are wise not to take it out of the frame just yet. Often times with works that are decades old or more, the air can change the color of the work/paper within hours.

I hope this helps, and I wish you the best.


Andrew Evans

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